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Our facility located 10 minutes away from the Miami International Airport, which is a main port of entry for the shipments we receive and have been bagged in the least possible time preventing stress and damages to the product. All of our imports are then fully acclimated and dipped in a 2-dip process to prevent bacterial disease as it kills all pest that may be present on the coral.

Our facility has been engineered for the sole purpose of importing and housing corals with the main goal of providing them a healthy and stable environment to ensure they are in the healthiest state possible. We rely on large bio media and mechanical filtration to ensure constant parameters to minimize stress to our corals. We have exclusive rights to particular farms where we have established and maintained relationships with them to ensure we receive the highest quality and hottest corals possible.

All our orders are packed with a specific method to ensure that they arrive alive and in excellent condition. We guarantee live arrival on all our shipments. We look forward to your order and if you would like to stop by and shop in person, you are more than welcome!


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We are constantly receiving new stock

We receive import orders every day of the week making our selection more diverse.

Inbound Coral

Once the coral hits the US we rush it back to our facility to perform a two stage dip. Stage one takes care of any pests, and stage two will help prevent bacterial infections.


We have established several exclusive agreements with coral farms all over the world guaranteeing unique coral!

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